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We honor the generous benefactors who have supported our life and ministry through the years. We have many special needs as we work to live out our mission – including our commitment to support the poor and needy, our monastic community, our outreach efforts to serve the needs of recent immigrants, and the work of reconciliation and unity among the Christians. Your Special Gift of cash, appreciated stock or property can help us make a difference. We pray you’ll keep St. Benedict’s Abbey in mind as you plan your charitable gifts for the year. Your support sustains us.

Thank You!
The Rt. Rev.  Luis Gonzalez, OSB - Abbot

Create a Legacy. It’s not just for the very wealthy! You can give significant support to the life and work of the monks through a Charitable Gift Annuity remembering St. Benedict’s Abbey Bartonville in your Will, making a gift of a Life Insurance Policy.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock: When you give a gift of appreciated stock, you have the satisfaction of making a significant gift to support St. Benedict’s Abbey needs, and you may be able to earn certain tax advantages.



If you wish to make a donation, please click on the button below.  You will be re-directed to our pay-pal account.  Pay-pal is a well-known secure financial institution.

Your donation will be used for the following purposes:

            -General Fund
            -Building Fund
            -Charity Fund
            -Discretionary Fund
            -Emergency Fund

Mortgage Pay Off Campaign

It is the dream of the Abbey to be mortgage-free by July 2020 and that dream could be a reality! As of August 31, 2019, the balance was about $80,000.  We began a campaign to ask 800 friends to donate $10/month for ten months beginning in October 2019.  To date we have received $33,140 with another $3,290 pledged bringing our balance down to $43,570.

Please consider making a contribution to help us become mortgage debt-free!  Just $10/month or a one-time donation of any amount would be appreciated.

If you feel more comfortable donating directly to the Abbey, then please mail a check or money order to the following address.  Please indicate in the memo the fund you would like to donate to.  Checks or money orders sent with a blank memo line will be used towards the most needed fund.


St. Benedict's Abbey

7561 W. Lancaster Road

Bartonville, IL 61607

Tel. (309) 633-0057 


Mass Schedule
Mondays -Thursdays - 7:00 a.m.
Fridays - 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays - 7:00a.m. 
Sunday Schedule
7:00 a.m. Morning Prayer
10:00 a.m. – English Mass
3:00 p.m. – Spanish Mass


7561 W. Lancaster Rd.  
Bartonville, Illinois 61607

Phone: (309) 633-0057  


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